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LED Retrofit Kits

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Eclipse offers LED Retrofit Kits which convert existing light fixtures that use outdated and inefficient lamping to newer LED systems that use less energy while producing brilliant illumination. Our retrofit kits are built to match your fixtures specs to maximize efficiency and compatibility. Read below for more information or contact us now for a quote to get started on updating your application's lighting system.

Why Use LED Retrofit Kits
LED Retrofit Kits allow you to reuse your existing fixtures which is a convenient and cost-effective solution while maintaining visual consistency. Converting an outdated lamping system to LED improves light quality in terms of lumen output and color temperature. Not only does the visual ambience improve, but better lighting increases safety when it comes to well lit areas. LED light engines have the advantage over other lighting systems with the fact that they produce equal or higher lumen output at lower wattages. This superior efficacy not only reduces power consumption but also produces costs savings over time. In addition to improved efficiency, LEDs are overall more durable and longer lasting lighting systems which means an extended lifetime requires less maintenance and the need for lamping replacements.

LED Retrofit Applications
Our LED Retrofit Kits can be adapted to a variety of applications ranging from outdoor parking garages/lots to indoor facilities such as libraries and offices. In addition to the energy efficient/cost saving benefits, better lighting creates a safer and more welcoming environment in areas where needed.

LED Retrofit Kit Types
Our LED Retrofit Kits can be engineered to match any fixture type and shape which includes round/square luminaires, linear fixtures, sconces, pendants, wallpacks, and more. Our specifiers and engineers will work with you to design the ideal retrofit system to maximize compatibility and efficiency for your application.

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