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CR Series (CR)

The Galileo Family of Wall Indoor/Outdoor Sconces offers an unmatched selection of styles, sizes, finishes and light sources to fulfill all aesthetic and performance needs. There are dozens of standard Galileo fascias, and one of the distinguishing features is the ability to create unique designs through the modular components: aluminum bars, flat bands, perforated panels and shield inserts. We recommend start with a Standard Galileo, Deco or Slim and choose the design, shape and size. Next specify the LED center/uplight/downlight, color temperature, and controls. Last step is providing details for any style modification, custom finish, special lens, or mounting alternative.

For example, Galileo sconces can be specified with color-tunable DMX controls to change your fixture illumination color to match any setting or theme. We have had great success with our clients who wanted to create unique Wall Wash Effects and control the light distribution.

For architectural settings that feature columns, we can accommodate with our Round Column Adapter option, which include sizes for 11" & 18" radius columns. Galileo large decorative wall sconces, such as the Deco series, can be tandem mounted for tall vertical spaces. Our Galileo family of pendants can be specified with custom stem lengths and clusters. For houses of worship and grand entrance-ways, we have configured to a chandelier-styled formation, which can be matched to wall sconces with the same bar configuration.
Other examples of customized Galileo sconces include, but are not limited to: faux alabaster or colored lenses, Laser cut shields featuring logos, and Dark Sky compliance. Contact one of our sales associates for a rendering of your very own Galileo fixture!

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