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Biscayne 2 (BC2)

• DRIVER — Universal Voltage (120~277V) Electronic Driver. Optional 347V/480V.
• HEAT SINK — Built-in Aluminum Die-Cast Heatsink.
• HOUSING — Sealed Die-Cast Waterproof Aluminum Housing. Finished in Oven Baked Polyester Powder Coat.
• LENS / REFLECTOR — Clear polycarbonate integrated lens. Optional polycarb. clear prismatic reflector, acrylic frosted prismatic reflector, shallow polycarb. clear prismatic reflector,
and shallow polycarb. frosted prismatic reflector.
• LIGHT DISTRIBUTION — 120° Uniform Light Distribution / Intensity.
• LIGHT ENGINE — Energy Efficient Light Emitting Diode replaces 250W/320W/400W HID.
• LUMEN OUTPUT — Ranges from 19,800-29,700lm / Efficacy up to 149lm/W. 70CRI.
• MOUNTING — Hook Mount, Surface Mount, or Pendant Mount.
• OPERATING TEMP — -40°C to 55°C (-40°F to 131°F).
• COMPLIANCE — Built to comply with U.S. and Canadian safety standards. UL Listed for wet locations. Shock/Vibration Resistant.
• WARRANTY — 5 Years, Defects and Workmanship.


This fixture is approved for installations of the following types.

Suitable Conditions:

Dry  Damp  Wet

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