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Galileo Customization Options

Galileo Customization Options
The Galileo Family of wall sconces offers an unmatched selection of styles, sizes, finishes and light sources to fulfill all aesthetic and performance needs. Galileo models are available with round, triangular and rectangular diffusers and a wide variety of elegant cage designs to complement any architectural setting. One of the distinguishing features is the ability to provide unique decorative options through the modular components: aluminum bars, flat bands, perforated panels and shield inserts.

Shape & Style
To begin building your own Galileo fixture, start with a shape. Choose from a round, rectangular, or triangular diffuser. After choosing your diffuser shape, add a cage to it. You can select from over 40 pre-existing cage styles or customize your own by designing a cage with any vertical and/or horizontal bar combination. Our cages use standard square bars but we also offer flat-band bars as well. You also have the option of further customizing your Galileo fixture with perfex and/or shield inserts. Add them to create unique illumination patterns and diffusions.

The Galileo series is offered in a multitude of sizes which range from Medium (11" Tall) all the way up to X-LARGE 3 (41" Tall). We also offer the Deco Series line which is an elongated version of the Galileo and comes available in a 38" and 51" tall sizes. In addition we have a sleeker thin version called the Galileo Slim Series, which comes standard in a 5-1/2" width. You can also specify a custom size if need be to meet your design application by consulting our factory.

The Galileo series comes standard with energy efficient LED light engines which save costs on electrical bills while delivering superb illumination. Our LED engines naturally produce omni-directional light which is offered in multiple color temperatures and wattages. Uplight and downlight options are also available to choose from which allow you to create unique illuminating wall wash effects. The Galileo series is also available with color-tunable DMX controls. With this integrated option you can change your fixture illumination color to match your application setting or theme.

Our Galileo series fixtures come standard in a corrosion and weather resistant pre-treated oven baked polyester powder coat finish. We have a number of standard finishes to choose from such as Black (BK), Bronze (BZ), Painted Natural Aluminum (PNA), and White (WH). Specialty finishes such as Hand Brushed Aluminum (HBA) and Corvel Chrome (CH) are also available.  In addition, we also offer custom finishes to suit your particular applicational setting. Choose from a wide spectrum of colored finishes based on the RAL Color Chart. Each color has its own individual RAL code so you can easily distinguish and communicate your desired color of choice to us when customizing your Galileo fixture.

The Galileo series is offered with a number of mounting options for you to choose from. Instead of our standard wall mount, our fixtures can be ceiling pendant mounted in a variety of ways. You can do a single stem pendant mount, or a multi-pendant mount affixed to a stem canopy. We can also create a chandelier-styled pendant formation if so desired. Consult our factory for more ideas on how to pendant mount your fixture. For architectural settings that feature columns, we can accommodate you with our Galileo round column adapter (RCA) option. RCA options include sizes for 11" & 18" radius columns but we can also adjust the design accordingly to fit your specific need. Our RCA option is also available for other fixtures such as our Liverpool. Consult our factory for additional information. Our Galileo fixtures can be tandem mounted for architectural settings with tall vertical surfaces and/or spaces. Tandem runs of up to 20ft can be combined to form unique and monumental lighting structures. Tandem mounted fixtures are typically connected by joiner bands for reinforcement and to provide a streamline transition between fixtures. Consult our factory for more information on how to tandem mount your Galileo design. Galileo fixtures sizes XL-XL3 and the Deco series are available with the wall arm mount option which comes in a single or dual arm configuration. The wall arm mount option is an elegant solution to mounting fixtures to uneven surfaces while providing stability and support.
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